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Multi Global is the best outsource company in Bangalore & Hyderabad, India, since 2012, with an office in Bangalore.
We have the team who are professionals in providing outsourcing services in IT and administrative field since its foundation in 2012 and in recruitment services (permanent and temporary) since 2014, Within 6 years, MGX has set the grounds for itself in the digital world. We not only process to facilitate the administrative and IT operations of our clients but also offers a panorama of outsourced services.
Indeed, MgX being the best outsource company in Bangalore & Hyderabad also viewed as a permanent and temporary recruitment
We are currently an agency with 50 employs in Bangalore and Hyderabad. MgX provides services for more than six years of varied clients ranging from international organizations, multinational companies, industries, academics, and hospitals.

Our services

IT and Administrative outsourcing

As MgX is able to recruit the right profiles for every types of missions, MgX can manage entire services within a third company such as secretariat, HR, accountancy, help desk, IT projects etc..

Data entry and digitization

From a historical standpoint, MgX is a leader for manual data entry such as vouchers, surveys, statistics with high standard of confidentiality. We produce the data entry of HR engagement surveys, scientific or commercial data

On-Demand Staffing

MgX is an on-demand workforce supply solution for your urgent, ad-hoc and short-term staffing requirements. Whether your employee has decided to go on a planned break or it’s an unplanned emergency, MgX can support you with suitable candidates within as little as half-a-day. For all those times, when you are stressed about your staff going on leave, or on demand staff required to handle additional work-load, contact us.

Payroll Outsourcing

MgX Payroll Management Solution offers a customised, flexible, automated solution to manage your monthly payroll activities. Whether you are a start-up, small or mid-size firm; you can outsource your payroll to MgX for effective management.

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